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Authentic handmade Turkish cymbals from a master cymbalsmith in Istanbul, Turkey

Master cymbalsmith Sertan Oztopuz crafts each of these instruments by hand in Istanbul, Turkey. Sertan spent 32 years at Istanbul (Both Agop and Mehmet after the split) where he was trained and eventually taught the use of the coveted Turkish B20 alloy. From there he started what would soon become the leading Turkish cymbal company. (Constantine cymbals are made in the old tradition method using “the OLD FORMULA alloy mix “ secret alloy mix” passed on by MASTERS from generation passed and closely guarded. 


Discover the exceptional sound and unique sonic properties of Constantine Cymbals, only available from Bettadrums. distributors for UK/IRELAND. Constantine Cymbals and TRC Cymbals by Constantine are prized by professionals and discerning drummers worldwide. Get in touch today to place your order and quote



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