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Quality Craftsmanship, Unique Designs, Amazing Sound
BIBIN WIRES are the idea of ZORAN BIBIN FROM Serbia.

I first discovered on my Oriollo snare drums .consequently got linked to Zoran to distribute and make available in UK through us at Bettadrums.

Already many USA drummers have fitted to the most valued cherished snare drums they own to improve the response and clarity

BIBIN make Truly custom handmade wireS and can also do replica for vintage drums of yesterdays ( Sonor, Rogers Premier)using the best material, plates in copper or brass ,hand using exclusively hand soldering (No machinery automated used) and deliver and excellent performing addition to your drums that will enhance your playing no end live or in the studio recording


Wires are available in all diameters 12”13”14” & Sonor  15”LD547

Varied thickness and strands gauges 20/28/30/35/40 ST.

TILES  are available in copper or brass, supersensitive wires thin, medium, classic or equalizers 2x10 strands .

Tiles width : 42,52,54,62,72,82,90,110mm.

​UPGRADE and give a new life to YOUR SNARE DRUM with a BIBIN SET OF NEW WIRES !

PLEASE Contact us with your requirements !



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