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Quality Craftsmanship, Unique Designs, Amazing Sound

Since 1997, Brian SPAUN has built, and Creating remarkable drums for discerning drummers. already many top USA professionals are seen on the WORLD STAGES playing SPAUN DRUMS  Let us help you build your voice and vision.

Based in CALIFORNIA USA, Brian builds drums for the professional players using all varies material and timber ,USA Maple, Bubinga, Walnut, Cherry, Spruce , African Mahogany, Quilted finishes in beautiful gloss lacquered shells with abalone rings, hybrid wood and acrylic ,every shell pack is made completely flawless with care and delivered

to the highest standard. SPAUN only use its own hardware, own solid brass lugs, available in all colours to and custom work.

Based in CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Brian has access to all the best custom paint artists you would wish to work on your drums custom finishes.

If you desire to have something special designed for you feel free to give us your ideas, sizes, timber, hardware,  Sparkle or gloss, mix acrylic shells colours no problems, endless choices you will not find in mainstream manufacturers, SPAUN will produce something unique you will be proud off and love to play record and perform in all situations.      



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