Spaun drums are manufactured in USA using the latest in technology, but also traditional method of manual finishing techniques, combining also New modern materials hybrids such as acrylic and metal works in order to create new sonic variations on an old way of making drums for today's music!

Vast Selection of Customised Drums from Spaun

Brian Spaun

Brian Spaun is widely known for producing high-quality, custom drums in California, USA for both professionals and amateurs alike. With more than 20 years in the industry, Brian has surpassed his competitors by delivering the best drums in the world that money can buy! 

By using a combination of superb timber and exotic and exquisite veneers to achieve that sophisticated finish, he also uses a hybrid of innovative materials such as acrylic and timber. Brian also boasts stunning metal work in both brass and steel snare drums that just cannot be ignored. 

He also produces vintage and retro drums of a bygone age, recreating that full, warm sound with deep tones and force by featuring:

  • Reinforced Mahogany Shells
  • Wooden Hoops
  • Shell Resonance

Customised Paint and Hardware

When you long for a more modern and bespoke instrument that satisfies your musical abilities, check out all Brian’s creations that are used by world-touring drummers.

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BASS 22" x 18" TOM 12"x8" FLOOR 16"x14" SNARE DRUM 14" x 6.5" 

Built like guitars are built construction. 

3 plies spruce and 3 plies Mahogany TOMS 

3 plies spruce and 4 Plies Mahogany BASS 


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