Handcrafted Percussion Instruments from World Class Manufacturers

Spaun Drums

Using state-of-the-art timber and technology, drums from Spaun are manufactured to the highest standard. Obtain drums and percussion instruments of the finest quality for great prices today.

Symrna Cymbals

Symrna uses only a mix of quality alloy to follow the tradition of Turkish cymbal makers. Choose the perfect hand-finished cymbals to match your kit with the help of Bettadrums.

Oriollo Drums

Oriollo™ boasts seamlessly manufactured, high-quality snare drums that are beautifully crafted to meet your exact requirements. Get in touch with our business for cost-effective prices.

About Us

Boasting great connections with manufacturers, Bettadrums provides a full range of percussion instruments and drums for sale that are exclusive to the market. With more than 20 years in the industry, we source products from all over the world to introduce to the UK market, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on high-grade instruments to perfect your sound. Obtaining products from America, Turkey, and Serbia, simply get in touch with us today to help you find the ideal accessories to complete your kit.